Sage Your Space

When I came home last night, I had to completely sage my entire apartment. Yesterday was so energetically challenging because other people kept trying to come into my space with their own negativity. I had to take a step back & analyze what was right for me in the moment. I felt so disconnected from what was going on. I could see the truth of it all unfolding before me. My intuition was screaming out & I listened.🧘🏽‍♀️✨🌬

I took a step back & distanced myself from these people. I put my intention out there so if these people with these energies try to come back, they already know where I stand.🙅🏽‍♀️🔥

Mercury retrograde is going to be a ride this year. All of them will be in fire signs. People will be acting from a place of passion, emotions, fire not just thoughts. Words will pack a punch. These energies from other people that have been building inside them from their lack of responsibility & healing will be so strong. To those that have been doing the work, it will be obvious. Stay focused! Follow your intuition & stay strong!🔥✨💪🏽

The Heart Wand – Chakrubs

Taking care of my body physically & spiritually creates a peaceful balance. There’s a state of bliss when you allow yourself to heal while you love yourself. Key phase here is “love yourself”…you’ve seen for yourself how much power love can be when you give it & have it for others. But giving yourself love is just as, if not more powerful of an act. ✨👸🏽🌊

I love to use my @chakrubs heart wand to meditate, align my chakras & cleanse my energy. So much energy gets stored in the lower 3 chakras. It creates an imbalance of the self & spirit. Just like you clean your external self you must cleanse your internal self. It feels good because it’s a release of energy. There’s so much power in an orgasm. It’s inner magic, a spell you learn how to get just right overtime.✨🌊🧘🏽‍♀️

Goodnight loves! Sleep tight✨💤🌙

Capricorn Affirmations

Capricorn sky vibes✨🌌🧘🏽‍♀️

I am grounded.

I am strong.

I am happy.

I attract what is best for me.

I love myself.

I am free.

I am powerful.

I breathe without regret.

I am magic with every step.

I manifest with purpose.

I don’t worry about my place in this world.

This is my abundance.

Capricorn affirmations from a Capricorn✨🐐🌿

Jade Dreams

Good morning🌞

I’m having a pretty calm & peaceful morning. I’ve been working a lot with this Jade scarab necklace I purchased the day before my birthday. I gravitated towards it immediately at my favorite crystal shop in NYC. I’ve been wearing it non stop.✨🙏🏽🌿

Jade properties –



+Heart Chakra❤️

+Fateful Dreams🌫





I fell asleep wearing it last night & I had a dream of writing a grimoire series, the first book on tarot. It was such a peaceful dream. I woke up & knew right away that it would be something I would do in the future. I get the sense there’s a witch revolution going on & it’s going to take time but we have a lot of healing to do. Starting with ourselves.✨🧘🏽‍♀️🌊

Spider Symbology

This little spider decided to chill in the apothecary for a few🕷✨🕯

I was very caught off guard but I took it as a sign! When a spider appears to you it symbolizes fate & choices. How the web we create comes from both our light & shadow self. Some things are fated to happen regardless of the choices we make but it is important to remind ourselves to create a better life than we had before. Accepting our darker nature can only lead us to growth.💀

You don’t always have to think positively. You don’t always have to get jealous or possessive. You don’t have to think the best for people all the time. When you allow yourself to take a step back & ask that darker self why you feel those choices are right, you end up finding your truth & growing from it.🌿

I’ve spent the entire day wishing someone out of my life when the truth is that I’m hurt that they took the time out of their day to hurt me. Whether or not it was intentional didn’t matter to me. While I know the circumstances are difficult, I know that defense mode comes from my Scorpio side. We don’t got a stinger for nothing. But it’s important to make the right choices moving forward, even when you slip your not done growing.🦂✨🌊

Soul Food



I went to the Chinos today get some food and I asked for two fortune cookies. What I got in return was an empty plastic container attached to just one cookie. I laughed because this would happen to me. It was until it was pointed out by one of my friends that it’s a sign, this cookie was the only message I “needed” she said. I laughed when I opened it because she was right.

The moon is currently in Scorpio. Usually, I am known to run away from this energy, an energy which I’ve always known as my own. I have really heavy Scorpio placements and for some reason anytime the moon is in Scorpio, I feel the weight of my emotions as they are. My moon is naturally in Gemini so feeling the weight of anything isn’t normal. Air sign moons naturally intellectualize their own emotions. Everything has a definition and a explanation with air sign moons. This is why it’s feeling the weight of anything doesn’t make sense.

I’ve been trying to embrace it more as it often comes about during the year, but it hasn’t been easy. How to intellectualize a weight of emotions?

The answer is a balance between the mind & the soul.